Tuesday, July 24, 2007

FTP Horrors

At Wendy's suggestion, I have set up an FTP server so that she can upload the new cuts of the film instead of posting DVDs. The main problem I've had in downloading the new version of the film is that, at 4.42 GB, it's a tad larger than the last version (699 MB), mainly due to resolution issues etc. After trying to download the bugger for 4 days, I switched laptops and it finally worked. 'Laptop' is a swear word around here at the moment, given the current major attack of gremlins that seems to be going on. Gremlins, in fact, might be an understatment. Think poltergeists. Think Amityville Horror, for that matter. Still, I now have the latest cut, and now need to sit down and watch it. (Provided the TV doesn't blow up, that is.)