Monday, May 16, 2011

ADR finally begins

ADR finally begins this week. We have about 15 pages of script to re-do with 4 actors, which isn't too bad. Hopefully it should all be done by the end of next month, cash flow permitting. I was greatly cheered today to read about how John Cassavetes made Faces. Basically, he plodded on, much as we have done. They had a lot of bad sound, and at one point he was advised to give up. But he didn't, even if it meant spending over 3 years in post. I knew his first film, Shadows, had taken a long time to make (well over two years, including a lot of reshooting and recutting), but I never knew about the problems Faces had. Just goes to show the old adage is true "quitters never win, winners never quit". Or maybe more realistically it should simply be "quitters never finish their films".