Saturday, July 23, 2011


At the suggestion of a fellow filmmaker, I have started a campaign on IndieGoGo to get the remaining money, as it seems I will now be a pauper for the forseeable future. You can read more and even donate here.

Monday, July 04, 2011

95% finished, and another funding crisis

The film is now almost finished, and it looks like we are about to fall at the last hurdle. Some investment I was expecting has suddenly not materialised, leaving us high and dry. We only actually need about £1400 (yes, fourteen hundred, not fourteen thousand) to get Folie finished and out there into the world at last. (A bit more would be helpful, to pay for marketing materials and film festival entry fees, to be honest.)

I had been expecting all of this to come from some documentary editing work I've been doing for a new age loony, but she has now announced that she is not going to pay me. Totally unbelievable. (I'm also on strike - that's the problem with rich amateurs - they have no conception of how much work is required to make a film, and think that it's a privelege to work for them.) So if anybody feels like going to the cash machine to help us out, please let me know. Right now, I'm going for a long walk.