Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Music Completed

Sharon has just completed the score. Or, I should say, she finished it about a week ago, and I've spent the intervening time trying to download it! One track in particular didn't like my FTP client - or maybe it was the other way round - but eventually I managed to access the piece via the good offices of I have only watched the film with the first cue in place, and I have to say it works wonderfully well. Sharon has intuitively understood the needs of the film.... as I knew she would. It makes the struggle - and believe me, every filmmaker ought to write a book called My Struggle (although that wouldn't be very popular in London NW11) - bearable when you are collaborating with people who understand what you are looking for, and manage to surprise you in the process by not only giving you what you want, but more than you asked for.

We now are about to start mixing and grading. Stay tuned! The film will be ready in 2009, finally.