Saturday, December 27, 2008

Father Christmas to the (half) rescue

Well, it's been a funny seven days. Last weekend, I was more or less ready to give the whole thing up, and part of my car exploding only seemed to confirm that I suspected: things felt like they were ganging up on me to prevent the film from ever being completed. You may know the feeling: the postman brings one too many shitty letters from the bank, the toaster cremates your breakfast, the dog farts so badly you have to have the windows open all day - that kind of thing. (A more poetic version of this is, of course, Algernon Blackwood's marvellous phrase 'The willows were against us.')

In what can only be described as a sudden reversal of fortune, we now have half the money we need to complete. The remaining cash is still being sought. But I feel as though things are at last coming together. We're not out of the woods yet, and I don't want to put a completion date on the film, given that we're somewhat behind schedule, but at least if the dog farts now, I won't mind so much.

I hope you have had a good Christmas. I am looking forward to seeing Carry on Cleo on New Year's Eve, as it features the acting talents of a certain B. Douglas....