Sunday, September 11, 2011

The film is nearly finished

We've all had a fairly bad summer, for various reasons. Julien had his MacBook stolen, which had the closing credits song on it (amongst a lot of other music), while I've been trying to raise the remaining money. My luck was just about summed up by an old friend offering money to help us get the film finished... and then dying (not suicide, I hasten to add).

However, things are now looking up again. Money is on the way, no thanks to Sponsume and IndieGoGo, both of which have proved completely useless. Julien, Jake and I met on Friday to discuss final delivery, and I should be getting the files on Thursday. (Julien is re-recording the song in the week.) If no more remixing is required, then all we then have to do is marry the mixed sound onto the images, get our master copy made, and then probably promptly collapse into an emotional heap on the floor. Who'd have thought it would have taken this long, heh?